May 19, 2017

May TIKTOC Interdisciplinary Forum - "Brain Injury: Using Social Media Activity as a Naturalistic Measure of Recovery"

9:15 pm to 10:45 pm

Burlington Building, 3rd Floor Conference Room, 325 E. Eisenhower Parkway, Ann Arbor, MI 48108 

Photo of Danielle

Danielle Shapiro, PhD is an assistant professor in the Division of Rehabilitation Psychology/ Neuropsychology within U-M’s Department of Physical Medicine and RehabilitationClinically, she conducts neuropsychological assessments with a pediatric medical population. Her research interests include clinical research methods, particularly online methods, and the impact of parenting and cultural norms associated with gender on psychological outcomes among children with neurodevelopmental conditions.

Dr. Shapiro was awarded the Fall 2016 Small Grant for Technology to Support Health Management and Independence for her project entitled Using Social Media Activity to Measure Change within Individuals with Acquired Brain Injuries. Her project is testing the feasibility of using data obtained from Facebook to measure changes in social interactions and language following a brain injury. The aim of the project is to determine whether the data collected from Facebook can identify reliable patterns of changes post-injury as a way to describe overall social functioning. She will discuss the background and progress of this project.

Let us know if you have questions about this Forum or need directions to the meeting room (maps are available here). More information about upcoming forums as well as presentations from past forums are available on the TIKTOC website.