Using Mobile Technology to Improve Self-Management of SCI/D

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Co-Principal Investigators: Mark W. Newman, Ph.D. and Mark Ackerman, Ph.D.

Student: Pei-Yao Hung 

Man using tablet computer

Through this project, we will design, build and evaluate SCILLS (“Skills,” the Spinal Cord Injury Living and Learning System), a cloud-based mobile system for helping persons with spinal cord injuries or disease (SCI/D) acquire self-management skills through a clinician-managed virtual coaching program.

SCILLS leverages state-of-the-art mobile and web-based technology to provide tailorable, context-aware and adaptive, self-management and patient education capabilities in ways that are effective, appropriate, and cost-effective. By leveraging commodity platforms, we ensure that the resulting system will have the potential for commercial development, marketing, and distribution.

The system will be designed, developed, and evaluated through extensive interactions and repeated testing with both patients and clinicians, ensuring that SCILLS will be developed and tested in an appropriate environment and that it will be useful for and usable by members of the target communities.