Interdisciplinary Forums

TIKTOC Interdisciplinary Forums were designed to facilitate collaborations between researchers, clinicians, and the disability community.  Topics and speakers varied from month-to-month to inspire and engage conversations among a diverse group of participants.

Forum Archive


Mobile Health and the Management of Complex and Chronic Conditions: Developing Accessible Cloud-based Technologies to Empower Individuals with Disabilities
Dr. Bambang Parmanto


The Maker Movement and Personalized Digital Health Innovations for Diabetes
Dr. Joyce Lee


Accelerating Biomedical Innovation and Commercialization to Improve Patient Impact at Michigan Medicine
Connie Chang


Brain Injury: Using Social Media Activity as a Naturalistic Measure of Recovery
Dr. Danielle Shapiro


Concept to Commercialization: Disrupting Pain Care while Spinning Off from U-M
Eric Maslowski



Targeting Sedentary Behavior Reduction in Adults with Cerebral Palsy using a Real-time Behavioral Intervention
Dr. Mark Peterson, Assistant Professor, U-M Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation


Handling Sporadic Events in Self-Managed Scheduling
Lynn Garett, Ph.D. Student, U-M College of Engineering


STEM Access for the Visually Impaired
Brandon Werner, M.A., U-M Knox Center Adaptive Technology Computing Site


Empowering Lives Through Technology: Achieving the Match that Matters
Marcia Scherer Ph.D., President, Institute for Matching Person and Technology


Studying the Roles of Mastery Motivation and Executive Functions in Self-Management
Seth Warschausky, Ph.D., Professor, University of Michigan Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation


Medication Management and the Caregiver
Steve Erickson, PHARMD., Associate Professor of Social and Administrative Sciences


Customized ankle-foot orthoses: Enhanced user performance through integrated modeling, design and control
Deema Totah, PhD Candidate


Challenges to Gathering Prospective Use and Ease of Use Data from Youth with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
Abigail Johnson, Ph.D.




Self-Management and Technology

Michelle Meade, Ph.D., Associate Professor, U-M Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, RERC Executive Director


Visualization Technologies, Methods, and Pitfalls-Engaging Users and Understanding Your Data
Eric Maslowski, UM3D Lab


An App for That: Identifying the Who’s, What’s, Why’s, and How’s to Help People with Disabilities Increase desired Activities
Charles Merbitz, Ph.D.


An Insider’s Perspective on the Demands, Structure, and Process of Primary Care
Dr. Michael McKee, Assistant Professor, U-M Family Medicine


Just-In-Time Intervention
Susan Murphy, PhD, Professor, U-M College of LSA, Res Prof, Inst for Social Research, & Medical School


Transition Planning and Special Education
Mr. David Brewer, guest presenter, Cornell University


Care at Home: The Use of Technology to Extend the Hospital to the Home
Dr. Ed Hurvitz & Brian Smith, M.S.


Reinforcement Learning for Chronic Disease Management
Satinder Singh, Ph.D., Professor, U-M College of Engineering


Medication Management Smartphone Apps
Teresa Salgado, Ph.D. U-M College of Pharmacy


The Electronic Medical Record
Andrew L. Rosenberg, M.D., Chief Medical Information Officer for the UM Health System




Models of Health, Functioning and Disability
Michelle Meade, PhD


Transition to Adulthood
Edward Hurvitz, MD, Ned Kirsch, PhD, & Donna Omichinski


What is HCI All About
Mark Ackerman, PhD & Mark Newman, PhD


Management of Health and Disability for Individuals with Severe Physical Impairment
Mr. Drew Clayborn


Karen Farris, PhD, Professor & Chair, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy


Optimization of Interventions for Broadening Participation Among Individuals with Disabilities
Michelle Meade, PhD & Edmund Durfee, PhD


Accessibility of Technology for Individuals with Disabilities
Jane Berliss-Vincent, Assistive Technology Manager, Knox Center Adaptive Technology Computer Site, University of Michigan


Executive Functioning for Health Management
Dr. Seth Warschausky