Developing Technology to Improve Schedule Planning and Decision Making

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Principal Investigator: Dr. Edmund Durfee

Co-Investigators: Dr. Abigail Johnson & Dr. Ned Kirsch

Coordinator: Mrs. Donna Omichinski

Graduate Students: Ms. Lynn Garrett & Mr. Pei-Yao Hung


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Participation in everyday unscripted and informal life situations generally involves risk that the environmental and social context might differ from expectations. Physical and/or cognitive impairments typically accentuate such risks by reducing a person’s ability to respond to the unexpected.

In particular, adolescents and young adults taking on increased self-management responsibilities will typically lack the life experience needed for anticipating, recognizing, and overcoming such obstacles.

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In response, they may overestimate the likelihood, severity, and/or inflexibility of such situations, while underestimating their competence for handling them, and thus unnecessarily miss out on enriching experiences within their grasp. Or they may underestimate the risks and overestimate their own abilities, and thus may put themselves in positions that leave them feeling physically or socially inadequate, and even risk their health.

This development project will design and prototype decision-support technologies that augment cognition of inexperienced decision makers to avoid overestimating or underestimating risk so as to maximize safe, positive participation in meaningful activities and life experiences.

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